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Cooking Oil Plastic Bottles

Cookin Oil Container 10-literThe human history is often categorized on basis of  materials used by the humanity like stone age, bronze and iron age.The  use plastics in our daily life is  so  wide that ,we may call the present era  as the ‘plastic age’.

The plastic bottles have almost completely replaced the glass and metal containers in cooking oil industry. These plastic bottles for cooking oil packaging are molded from high density polyethylene(HDPE).HDPE is a translucent and excellent impact resistant plastic material.It gives good moisture barrier.

There is a media uproar these days related to leaching of some harmful chemicals into our food  from plastics used for packaging. Forntunately,HDPE  Bottles and Containers neither contain bisphenol A nor phthalate.So these bottles with symbol “HDPE” at the bottom are safe to use with cooking oil and pose least risk to health.

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