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PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is an extensively used plastic in Packaging industry. If it is said that PET is being used as one of the most common consumer plastics, it would not be wrong. PET, which stands for polyethylene terephthalate is a form of polyester (just like the clothing fabric) and recognized as a highly valued packaging material. The use of PET is not limited to food packaging only. Rather, due to its versatility and unique characteristics it is used as a raw material for making a variety of packaging materials ranging from beverage, food and other liquid containers to cosmetics, Pesticides and pharmaceutical products. Globally, the production of Pharmaceutical products has acquired the status of a complete industry.The packaging and protection of Pharma products is as important as the drugs themselves. In Pharma industry, everyone is well familiar with the “PET bottles”. PET bottles, because of their particular qualities have made their way into the Pharma industry and have achieved great significance. These days, PET plastic is well accepted as a safe and hygienic packaging material for pharmaceutical products. PET bottles are used as primary packaging material in pharmaceutical pills, liquid syrups, liquid orals, suspensions and dry syrups etc. PET bottles meet all the basic standards to keep the pharmaceutical products safe and healthy.1-The material of PET bottles offers many benefits which has made it a preferred choice in Pharma industry.
It is an extremely lightweight material. Therefore, the PET bottles of Pharma products are easy to carry and transport. A bottle made of PET weighs just 1/10 of its glass equivalent. This light weight quality is extremely beneficial, particularly with pharmaceutical packaging, because of the long distances over which these products are transported.2- In addition, PET is a very strong material almost unbreakable. So there would be no chance of breakage and leakage if PET bottles are being used for containing liquid syrups or other orals.3- PET is a chemically and biologically inert material. It does not react with the medicine it contains and is resistant to attack by micro organisms.

4-PET bottles do not release any toxic or harmful substance or chemical into the drugs. It preserves the drugs against moisture (oxygen migration) and carbon dioxide.

5-PET bottles forms a sufficient blockade against temperature and UV light, which is very essential for the protection of syrups or other medicines. As a result, PET bottles will not cause any harmful effect on the drug formulations and chemical compositions.

In Pharma industry what is expected desirable from packaging bottles? It is essential that the bottle should protect the drug from the normal environment in which it will be stored before and during use, that is, from the effects of the water, vapor, gases and light. From the above discussion, it can be stated that PET bottles complies all the requirements of Pharma packaging and maintain the safety, efficacy and stability of the drug. That’s why; PET bottles are highly demanded in pharmaceutical industries.

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