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Pesticide is any substance or mixture of substances used for preventing, destroying, repelling, or mitigating pests. Pesticides are extremely reactive and poisonous materials by nature and hence, their appropriate packaging is of great importance. Nowadays, PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is considered as an excellent packaging polymer for pesticides, worldwide. PET Plastic is recognized as the preferred packaging material for use in numerous food and non-food applications. Some of the PET packaging applications include water bottles; juice drinks bottles, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive and agro-chemicals and pesticides.

PET bottles are widely demanded by agricultural sector to store and package pesticides. These bottles are utilized for storing the pesticides to maintain their quality and standard for a longer period of time. For pesticide packaging, “safety’ is a key word. As we know, pesticide is a chemical or biological agent (such as a virus, bacterium, antimicrobial, or disinfectant). Therefore, it is imperative that it should be contained and stored in such a material, which does not effect or change its biological form. PET is a non reactive material and it does not chemically react with the pesticides it contains. It keeps the chemicals and other components of pesticides in their original form and uphold the composition of i

ts contents intact.PET bottles protect and preservepackaged pesticides against the attack of moisture (oxygen migration) and carbon dioxide. Thus, bottles made from PET offer excellent packaging solutions for different types of pesticides.

PET is a highly strong material; it protects the pesticides from different environmental factors like dampness, heat,

rain and extreme weather. As a result, PET bottles ensure longer functional life of pesticides. PET bottles have

become a very popular choice for pesticides packaging because of its perfect finish and quality. It offers some

unique features which makes it ideal than other packaging materials such as glass, tin etc. PET bottles are Leak proof, gas and moisture resistant and durable. As PET bottles are very light weight and tough almost unbreakable material, they are best for containing pesticides because pesticides are usually transported tothe distant cultivated areas. Being shatter resistant, PET bottles enables the safe transportation of pesticides to distant places without any possibility of damage and leakage.

Due to its above mentioned characteristics, there is a huge demand of PET bottles and containers in pesticides industry. Besides all that PET is an inexpensive type of plastic to use and it allows creativity in bottle designing and shapes. PET bottles for pesticides are available in various shapes, colors and sizes. PET bottles for pesticides vary in dimensions and storage capacity as per the needs of the market. These are offered in 3-ltr, 57-Gms, 70-Gms, 250 ML, 500 ML, and 1000 ML.

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