Mineral Water Pet Bottles


Water is the most basssssssdeic necessity of life. 1111111And clean drinking water is indispensable for human health. But nowadays in most of the countries, especially developing one like Pakistan, the water available for drinking is not clean and hygienic. That is why most of the people do not favor to drink municipal tap water and prefer bottled water (especially mineral water) for reasons of safety and health.


Besides the importance of mineral water, it is imperative to know about the plastic bottles used for mineral water. Some of you may have heard the word PET bottles, but you all may not know that PET bottles are widely used for mineral water due to its particular benefits. Today, we will uncover the importance of PET bottles for mineral water.PET (poly ethylene terephthalate) is a plastic resin and a most common type of polyester. It is one of the most widely used food-safe packaging material and commonly used in making beverage, food and other liquid containers. It is an excellent water and moisture barrier substance.


Globally, PET is recognized as a safe and recyclable packaging material. It fulfills international food contact regulations. Due to its chemical inertness and tempting physical properties.Why PET is used for Packaging Mineral Water PET plastic has various characteristics which makes it an ideal packaging material for mineral water bottles. Numerous tests and research studies have found PET bottles to be safe for mineral water. PET (bottle grade) is a kind of transparent, crystal clear and chemical-resisting plastic with high level of strength and smooth finishing. So, it is preferred for bottles of mineral water. In addition, it is a tough and crack-resistant material and almost unbreakable so you can conveniently fetch PET bottle of mineral water anywhere along you with total ease because there is no need to fear of its breakage. In today’s world of packaging, PET offers the best chemical resistance performance. It protects and preserves the mineral water against oxygen and carbon dioxide for a long period of time.


PET is a hygienic material, resistant to attack by micro-organisms and will not biologically degrade so it is considered best for mineral water because it maintains the freshness of water.PET is a very versatile and extremely light weight material. So, if you want to carry mineral water with you while you are jogging or doing some job outside home, PET bottles are easy to carry and would not trouble you at all. Besides that, PET can be completely recycled. Due to its recyclability value, PET bottles are considered very environment friendly.As Water is a flavorless product. So the bottles for mineral water must be made by a plastic that remains tasteless and odorless. PET doesn’t affect and change the taste of the product it contains and for that reason is a most preferred material for packaging mineral water.[/su_service]

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