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PetSemi-Automatic Blow Molding Bottle Machinery HPP provide its customers pet preforms &pet bottles With 38mm Neck Size and in 54gms,64gms,70gms weights for pesticide companies. We also make pet preforms &pet bottles with 25mm Neck Size in 12.5gms weight for 60ml,100ml and 120ml pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan. We are specialized in 3-liter phenyl Pet bottles. There are several technologies that can be utilized in the development of PET blow-moulded bottles & containers depending upon the intended function of the package. In many cases more than one technology is used. PET blow molded containers,bottles are produced in a two-stage process. The two-stage process has a separate injection process for the preforms, and a separate blow-molding process in which the preform is stretched first and then blown to give the final shape to the containers. Blowing of PET preform is performed as below. HPP applies the strictest quality standards to its production of Pet bottles for one-way or multiple uses.Pet Bottles suitable for multiple uses are somewhat heavier than the one-way bottles and are characterized by their great sturdiness. Refillable Pet bottles can be used up to 15 to 20 times. We have 3-Semi Automatic PET-Blow Chinese Machines.

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