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Plastic Milk Bottles

Plastic Milk Bottles

Plastic Milk Bottle

Bottles made by plastic materials were introduced commercially in 1947.These were relatively higher priced as compared to glass bottles until high-density polyethylene(HDPE) was introduced in 1960.HDPE is widely used for plastic bottles.This plastic Hdpe has impact resistance,economical,compatible with a range of products including acids and caustics but not compatible with solvents.The HDPE is supplied in food grade quality.It is naturally translucent and flexible. The HDPE bottles became very popular with customers and manufacturers being light weight and price competitive to glass bottles. These bottles have replaced glass bottles for packaging milk.


1-The biggest advantage of plastic bottles is their resistance to breakage during transportation and handling.

2-The plastic milk bottles are moldable in complex shapes with hollow handles for better hand grip and thin lip which means less drip.

3-The rectangular shaped HDPE milk bottles are stacked efficiently which means more milk is transported in the lorry and in the home fridge door.

4-The Hdpe milk bottles are almost close to being a design classic.Plastic Milk Bottle

5-These bottles are recyclable and so environment friendly.The lastest technology is being used to recycle Hdpe empty milk bottles.The world over upto 30% recycled Hdpe with verging Hdpe is used to make milk bottles to reduce plastic waste.


We have developed the latest design milk bottles made of 100% virgin HDPE for local customers for 250ml.1000ml and 2.0 Liter volume.

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