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Our Customers

FMC Corporation

FMC is one of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies. We are proud that our chemistries are helping to grow the world’s food, enabling new innovations in pharmaceutical delivery, enhancing foods and beverages, contributing to a more sustainable energy supply, facilitating the remediation of our environment, and advancing the manufacture of hundreds of essential products.

Four Brothers Chemicals (Pvt) ltd

Pakistan’s economy is an agriculture based economy. Pesticide industry plays vital role in our agriculture based economies. Four brothers group is holding a share of about 10% of total market. Having this big intention requires a formulation plant which could feed the highly Professional and experience marketing force comprising 600 people all over the Pakistan. For this purpose group decided to provide Pakistan’s largest and most modern pesticide formulation and filling facility under one plat farm of FOUR BROTHER CHEMICALS

Sapient Pharma is a Lahore

Sapient Pharma is a Lahore based health care company which manufacture and markets high quality pharmaceutical products. The company was established in 1969 and since then providing the most effective and safest medicines at most affordable prices. Sapient Pharma produces various Antibiotic tablets, general tablets, ointments and creams, suspensions, syrups and general medical items. The company focuses on pharmaceutical science and research to come up with latest medical solutions. Sapient Pharma is reputed as one of the most ethical, reliable and quality conscious manufacturers of healthcare products. The manufacturing facility of the company is equipped with most advanced machinery and equipment.

Arysta Life Science

Since its founding in 2001, Arysta LifeScience has been one of the fastest growing companies in the industry and is currently among the top 15 agrochemical companies in the world1. Over the past five years, Arysta LifeScience achieved positive sales growth, exceeding the industry average and maintaining its position as one of the world’s largest privately held crop protection and life science companies.

Ajmal Dawakhana

Ajmal Dawakhana is also a leading manufacturer of Hebal products that is situated in Lahore. It is dedicated to serve human health by providing herbal remedies for various diseases. Ajmal Dawakhana medicines are prepared in a modern facilitated plant by utilizing old Greek and Arabic medications. Ajmal Dawakhana offers a variety of natural herbal products such as Joshandi, Sharbat-e-Sadar, Ajmaleen 54, Khamira Marwareed, Musafi etc. The health care products of Ajmal Dawakhana are very famous all across the country.

Pak china chemicals (pvt) ltd

Pak china chemicals (pvt) ltd is a Lahore based manufacturing company. It belongs to, the Ali Akbar Group, that is recognized as one of the leading crop protection companies of Pakistan. Pak china chemicals produce various types of pesticides and agri chemicals for the cultivation sector of the country. The production and packaging plants of the company are equipped with advanced technology automatic machines and process control instrumentation. The company ensures the quality of its products under the ISO 9001-2000 quality management system. Besides that, a well-equipped chemical laboratory is also established to maintain the high quality of products. Pak China chemicals is one of the famous importers of agri chemicals.

Highnoon Laboratories limited

Highnoon Laboratories limited is renowned as one of the leading pharmaceutical laboratories of Pakistan. It was established in 1984 in the Lahore. Highnoon manufactures a range of drugs and medicines and is committed to improve the quality of life by providing high quality pharmaceutical products. Highnoon has various strategic alliances with famous international pharmaceutical companies. In the most competitive and challenging environment of medicine industry, Highnoon keeps on introducing latest manufacturing techniques to produce quality medicines. Besides that, Highnoon has a well-established quality assurance division that guarantees the quality of products.

Libra Pharma Peshawar

Libra Pharma is a Peshawar based pharmaceutical industry which produces a vast range of medicines and other Pharma products. The company is located in the Industrial Estate of Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

MARHABA Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd

MARHABA Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd. was conceived by Hakim Muhammad Usman during his student days at Tibbia College Lahore, where he would often ponder over the reasons for the decline of Oriental Pharmacy which had such a glorious past and a comprehensive pharmacopoeia withstanding the test of time for a thousand years.

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