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Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology is used by many industries, including pharmaceutical and semiconductor. RO is used to purify drinking water in homes, desalinate seawater, and to remove impurities from process water. RO is used alone or with pre- and/or post-treatment equipment to meet a specified requirement for water quality. As industrial processes have changed and

Screw Barrel Assembly and Melt (Gear) Pump The main purpose of screw and barrel assembly is to melt the plastic and ten pump the molten plastic through a narrow opening of the die. Injection molding machines have a good injection mechanism to pump the molten plastic into the cavity of the mold. In injection molding

Sources of Bottled Water

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Consumers of bottled water are increasing rapidly day by day and annually. A study on bottled water in Pakistan showed that there is 40% increase annually and more peoples are shifting from tap or municipal tap water to bottled water. Many reasons are behind this shift some of them are not regulating the municipal water

Plastic Bottles for Glass cleaner

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Glass is being used in offices, homes, Salons, public places, buildings and approximately everywhere. Interior design is never used by many modern amenities without glass. Since the glass provides all possible ways to decorate your home furniture, kitchen, flooring, doors and look of ecstasy, and beauty of your home will be further renovation. Even if

The bottled water industry is concerned about the environment and is taking action to protect it. Substantial reductions in plastic use and significant increases in recycling rates make bottled water packaging a ‘face of positive change’ for Earth Day 2013, says the International Bottled Water Association. The bottled water industry is a strong supporter of

Clean water is becoming a challenge for every country. Pakistan is going suffer most from unavailability of clean water. Underground water and Glaciers are the main source of clean water in Pakistan. But increasing temperature of world and Pakistan (Global warming) is depleting glaciers meanwhile direct drain of chemical industries effluent into main streams making

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