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Screw and barrel are the very main and essential parts of injection molding machine, Extrusion blow molding machine, Blown film and many others. In the start of plastic machine were consists of plunger type machine. There were lot of limitations of plunger type plastic machines like poor mixing of material and color and other fillers

Screen Pack Assembly Screen pack with breaker plate used to remove any contamination. For more details on screen pack, breaker Plate and sources of contamination you can visit article: “Screen Pack and Breaker Plate for Plastic Extruder Machine” Today’s topic is how the screens are changed and what are the methods to change the screen?

Bottles are in use for many year different types of materials have been used to make bottles like glass bottles, metallic bottles/containers and now plastic bottles are capturing the market. Where ever you go in your daily life you will see plastic bottles or containers everywhere. Plastic bottles are found in stores, shops, homes, offices,

Master batch is very familiar term in plastic industry but very little peoples know what actuality a master batch is. Its common understanding that a master batch is a color. Second name of master batch in many plastic industries is color. Master batch is alternative name of color but it’s not only the color. Masterbatch

Closures/caps for Plastic bottles are present in a range of sizes, colors, and shapes and are used in a diversity of daily use products. Their utility, aesthetics, and handiness have made them the unsung marvels of the Plastic bottle & jar packaging industry. Plastic closures/Caps are being more widely used for packaging bottles and jar.

Water bottle filling plant consists of series of machines and equipment. It started from raw water. Sources of raw water may ground water, supply line, and any other details in sources of bottled water article. This raw water is pumped to quartz sand, active carbon filter. After the quartz sand filter water is pumped to

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