Start Your Own Pet Bottle Business


Invest  Rs.2000,000/  and  Earn Upto   RS.200,000/ Per Month.

If you are thinking to start your own business and can invest the above amount. We can guide/help you to start your Pet Blowing business to make Pet Bottles for a rapidly growing Mineral Water(bottled water) market. The current market for bottled water is expanding exponentially. As per SMEDA bottled water market in Pakistan, growth potential is Upton 40% annually.

To start a Pet bottle manufacturing business on small scale, you need a Pet Bottle Blowing Machine, a Pre-Heater and a High pressure air compressor. You need to get Pet Preform(readily available in the market)to blow into the water bottles of 600ml,1500ml volume. Total cost of the complete equipment is Upton Rs.2000,000/.My company Hassan Plas Packaging ( help you start this business. We provide you complete equipment, technical guidance, know-how and after sales back up to run this business smoothly. We have vast experience to run a bottle making plant in house for last 10 years. We are making Pet bottles for Pharma, Pesticides and milk processing industry.

We shall feel proud if we helped you to set-up your own business. For your enquiries and questions please feel free to contact,

Muhammad Junaid,
Marketing Manager
Hassan Plas Packaging

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