Automatic Pet Blow Molding Machine


Linear High Speed Automatic Pet Blow Molding  Machine

The Fully automatic Pet Blow Machine CSD-AL series is designed to give you very high production rate of mineral water bottles.The production rate of CSD-AL 6 is 7000 bottles/hour based on 500ml water bottle.Similarly you can manufacture  8,500pcs/hour of  Pet bottles  of  500ml volume with CSD-AL8 Automatic Pet Blow Machine.The production capacity of CSD-AL 10 is   10,500units/hour for 500ml water pet bottles. These machines are are equipped with auto-loaders and air blown conveyors to dispense finished bottles to a  storage container.This linear high speed automatic pet blow machine series have the following distinctive features.

  1. The servo motor make possible the exact orientation and  smooth running.The speed can adjusted as per production requirement.Preform photoelectric sensor will stop machine when preform is absent.
  2. PLC controller is used to store technical parametres for different blow  bottles and these operation parameters can be adjusted during running machine operation.
  3. Unique design of heating oven with separate PLC control of each heating zones.Preform feeding device will stop automatically when temperature of any heating zone iis abnormal.
  4. Automatic protection device will stop machine under abnormal conditions and PLC screen will display WARNING sign .

The imported european Branded pneumatic/electronic component parts make this series of machines very much stable and smooth during production.


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